Cash Paid For Scrap 4×4’s


Will I really be paid money for my old 4×4?

Yes, unlike normal scrap metal, which cannot be bought using money, it is still legal however to buy scrap, old or unwanted 4×4’s for money. Before you arrange the collection of your 4×4 please confirm that you need money payment and we will arrange that for you.

The price that you have been quoted is the price that you’ll be paid for your 4×4 by us on collection. Other companies often try to re-negotiate the quoted figure paid upon collection. It does not matter what condition your 4×4 is in, as long as there’s metal to be recycled and parts to be removed from it, you can look forward to getting the money you deserve.

4×4’s are generally scrapped when they fail their MOT, crash, break down or simply reach the end of their lives. In the past, drivers had to pay to have their 4×4’s removed and taken to a scrap yard, but the problems caused by 4×4 that were abandoned led to government incentives to scrap your 4×4 using all the correct legal channels. What’s more is that scrap metal has increased in price over the years, so when your 4×4 does reach the end of its life on the road, this does not mean that it is not of value to others.



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